Pen Pals of the Day: Not only has Kevin Forts, a 23-year-old from Massachusetts, publicly defendedAnders Breivik’s mass killing of 77 in Norway, but the two ARE PEN PALS. Breivik has written Forts: “I have received letters from supporters in 20 countries, but you appear to be someone who can write well. Yes, I am absolutely interested in discussing ideological issues with you and am thinking about how we can work together.”

Forts says the killer supported “multiculturalist values”:

“I believe it demonstrates a sense of nationalism and a moral conscience. … I believe that he used (the mass murders) as an unprecedented attack. I don’t believe that it should occur again, but I do believe that it was atrocious but necessary in that it has raised awareness for it and Breivik did that with the executions. … I dream of one day meeting Breivik or talking to him on the phone.”

Sweet jesus.


What a despicably evil cunt of a person. 

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    holy fuck
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    I feel sick.
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    People of the world: I know Americans aren’t your favorite. In fact, I’m pretty sure we are towards the bottom of the...
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    This guy is fucking nuts!there is NO case where a mass killing of over 70 people is a “necessary action to raise...
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    oh god please get out of my state you are scary
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    There aren’t many things that frighten me, however Mr. Forts here, does. He seems intelligent, well educated, articulant...
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  11. fucknoope said: No, he’s fuckig stupid.
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    The fuck.
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    I’m sorry. this kid is a fucking idiot. a fucking idiot.
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    Hardly any one in the United kingdom supports the English defence league. Also can he point out Norway on a map?
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  17. adamthegirl said: another complete, and dangerous, nutcase. i’d like to see how he’d rationalize the same act by someone much closer to home, destroying ten or twenty, or even just one, of his family members.
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    This dude has to be trolling, right? This can’t possibly be reality.
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    WTF. i’m embarrassed that worcester ma produced such a disturbing person
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    I find it interesting that he can’t for the life of him look the interviewer in the eye. And to say that “Breivik is a...
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