Feeling blue?

Although the eye patch and the rugged appearance is a new look for Lupin, this isn’t actually the first time we have seen that fancy new blue jacket of his.

Some of the very first promotional material for A Woman Called Fujiko Mine featured a Lupin in blue, complete with a gaudy yellow shirt. Fans debated, up in arms at the new character colours, only for most of them to be reverted to their old look when the series hit back in 2012.

Two years later, the character artist of this promotional piece returns to direct a feature length film, The Tomb of Daisuke Jigen. With it comes a baddass looking Lupin, complete with Solid Eye and bandana bandaid. He is of course sporting that same blue jacket, albeit without the yellow shirt.

Jigen looks to have a new outfit too. While his colours aren’t as far fetched as the original promotional artwork, they certainly do have a greener look, the hat at least. He also appears to be holding a Nik Nak. Mmm, scampi ‘n lemon flavour. Tasty.

All that is left now to complete the puzzle is the inclusion of Goemon’s pink hair.

Could Takeshi Koike wished to have included a blue jacket Lupin in the Mine Fujiko series all along? Perhaps it was another that persuaded him to stick with the older designs, but now he has free reign.

Regardless, we think it looks cool and we can’t wait to see more!

I’m liking the look of this. I can’t wait for it.